User Interface Updates - Prospect Details View

We've recently released the biggest UI update yet which is an overhaul of the Prospect Details page.
May 17, 2021

Hello Solar CRM clients,

We recently sent out an announcement about upcoming changes to the Solar CRM interface. Since then, we've been quietly releasing aesthetic updates such as the new theme and a clean up of the various grids. However, we've recently released the biggest update yet which is an overhaul of the Prospect Details page and since this is a larger update, I wanted to give a brief walkthrough of the new page design and functionality.

Layout & Design:

The new layout is designed to give you the most important information and controls right up front while still allowing you to dive into all of the details behind the prospect. That involves adding a new prospect details pane to the page, bringing the most used functions to the Overview tab and adding a new Actions button at the top of each section which contains links to all of the add and edit functions within the prospect.



Prospect Details Pane:

We've moved some of the high-level details and controls into a left-side pane. Here, you can:

  1. See the prospect information such as the consumer name, sage/milestone, probability percentage, value, and the created & last modified dates.
  2. Quickly start a conversation through SMS Chat (must have a communications package), Phone Call, or Video Chat
  3. See greater prospect details like additional contact details, home address, homeowner status, average monthly electric bill, and campaign details along with the assigned rep.


New Tab Layout:

Each section of the prospect is now laid out in a series of tabs across the screen including Overview, Documents, Appointments, Tasks, and Activity Log. Each tab is broken down into more detail below.


Overview Tab:

The overview tab is where you can find the summary of all prospect details. You can quickly upload and see the prospect's latest utility bill, view upcoming appointments & tasks, as well as view the property satellite view and local solar data. Additionally, the links for the reps to upload documents and add appointments are available right at the top. There are also click-to-copy links for the reps to send out to the prospect to upload their utility bills and book appointments.


Documents Tab:

The documents tab is where you can see all documents that have been uploaded for the prospect including the latest utility bill, historical utility bills and any other necessary documents. There is also the link for the rep to upload documents and the link for the prospect to do so.

Appointments Tab:

The appointments tab is where you can see all scheduled appointments with the prospect and their details. There is also the link for the rep to add a new appointment and the link for the prospect to book an appointment.

Tasks Tab:

The tasks tab is where you can see all upcoming tasks. Here, you can view & edit a task that is assigned to you as well as add new tasks.

Activity Log Tab:

The activity log tab lists all completed activities such as appointments and any tasks type. You can also add a new activity.

Actions Button:

The actions button allows you to quickly add an activity, appointment, document, and task. It also allows you to edit the prospect as well as transfer the prospect to another rep.


While there are more changes to come, we hope that you will enjoy the new look at feel of the platform and that you find these improvements help in your use of the software. Please let us know what you think of the updates and if you have any other ideas for ways we can help make your use of the software even more beneficial.

Solar CRM Team

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